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Some Fall Time Tips For Your Car

1. Check alignment and suspension

Driving over potholes can damage your car’s alignment and suspension,. You might have a problem if you notice that the car pulls to one side or the steering wheel vibrates as you drive. 


2. Change oil and check fluids

If your last oil change was before winter, it is about that time again.

Mechanics recommend changing your car’s oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on the oil.

Don’t forget to check window washing fluid levels, as well as your brake and cooling system fluids.


3. Rotate tires and check air pressure

You should check the tire pressure, including the spare should you ever need it. You car’s tires affect the ride, handling, traction and safety.

Mechanics recommend tire rotation every 5,000 miles to keep tread wear even.

4. Inspect brakes

Nothing is more important than having brakes that function properly. Have a technician check the pads and rotors to ensure there are no safety issues. Neglecting them can lead to a costlier repair down the line.

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